Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Annabel's Goals for 2013.

I'd like to achieve a 2:1 in my degree. It's hit and miss at the moment, but we shall see.
I'd like to apply for a speech therapy degree and start in September and fingers crossed the funding still applies to me.
I'd like to go travelling, I'd like to go to America, South America, Australia and I'd like to do a bungee.
I'd like to lose 9 pounds before graduation. That's seven stone twelve, which seems a little low, so I'd settle for like, eight stone three?
I'd like to stop eating toast for breakfast, crisps with every meal and I'd like to eat more fruit and drink more herbal tea.
I'd like to stop being such a bitch to everyone, but I have to think realistically.
And if worst comes to worst, and I don't achieve all these things, I'd like to see the best side of things and just be happy.

So glad this turned out to be a poem.