Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bi-annual Life Update: Annabel's goals for 2014

I've seen a lot of status updates about how much people achieved last year and all the exciting things people are doing this year and wanted to remind myself what a good 2013 I had.

I graduated from Leeds University in July, just before my 23rd birthday

...With a 2:1! Which means I got accepted onto a Speech therapy course at MMU
Which also means I've met some lovely ladies.

I feel more dedicated and headstrong than ever before. The work is demanding and stressful and there's LOADS of it, but it is interesting and rewarding and I'm so proud of myself for getting to this point in the first place.

In regards to travelling, I have seen a few lovely places this year, although not anywhere too far flung. Colin and I spent weekends in beautiful Edinburgh and London, a gorgeous chilled out week in Fuerteventura and a quick stop off in St Ives.

I think my biggest success this year is finally being able to feel happy and confident about the way I look. Just before Christmas I reached a weight of 7stone10, although a complete disregard for calories over the Christmas period means that I am currently eight stone. To me, being this content with how I look is a huge achievement. I've still got a way to go and I'd love to lose half a stone before summer, but it is easy peasy to get dressed in the morning these days and I genuinely get to wear whatever I want
... within reason

We ended the year surrounded by all our friends, in our little home.

My new year's resolutions for this year are to lose half a stone and then get off my backside and get rid of this wibbley tum. I'd like to enter the Great Manchester Run and do 10k in around 50 minutes. I would like to finish the university year strong, with at least a high 2:1, but ideally a first.
I'd like to travel some more, make it to New York by the end of the year. Colin wants to go back to Fuerteventura. It's so peaceful there.
We're starting the year strong and heading to Reykjavik, via Bristol this weekend.
Finally, I'd like to work on being a better person, drinking less and being kind, not angry. I'd like to become more self confident just being myself, less of a socially inept mess. That will be by far the hardest resolution. x

Thursday, 16 May 2013

A little update.

1. As I am currently procrastinating my revision, I think the 2:1 is slipping away. However, I’ve worked myself stupid this year, undergone every icky symptom of stress and so far this term I’ve had a 68 for my dissertation proposal, a 64 for my language acquisition essay... and a 59 and a 61 from last term. I’ve got everything crossed though, fingers AND toes. Just need to average a 61/62 in everything from now on. My last exam (possibly ever) is in 5 days time.

2. I applied for Speech Therapy and eventually got accepted to MMU (on the condition of a 2:1 but I’m sticking that right at the back of the mind before it keeps me awake from now until July). The funding applies to me, in a way, but Colin’s willing to help me out with living costs with his shiny new job.

3. Fuerteventura. My longing for adventure and far away shores had been temporarily put to bed in a full on desperation for some cheap sun, beaches, a large swimming pool and lots and lots of tapas. No bungee. Dune buggies, however. Chipmunks too, so I’ve seen.

4. I would like to lose 7 pounds before my holiday (and then keep it off for gradation eeee). That’s seven stone ten; I’m currently eight stone three. It is perfectly healthy and it really helps my self esteem. My BMI is currently 20.4 and it'll only go down to 19.1

5. I bought REAL green tea. And it was awful. Just horrible. I’ll stick with my crisps thanks, consumption of which has gone up approximately 200%.

6. I’m still a bitch, but I encounter people less these days so I have less opportunity. I miss a lot of people though.

Annabel’s Goals for the summer:
1. Remember how to write. Things that aren’t essays, dissertations and notes on the blackboard about how much I love my cat.
2. Assemble a wardrobe which is just lovely.
3. Become one of those people who is always in the gym.
4. Rekindle some friendships. Speaking of which, I have a text to respond to.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Annabel's Goals for 2013.

I'd like to achieve a 2:1 in my degree. It's hit and miss at the moment, but we shall see.
I'd like to apply for a speech therapy degree and start in September and fingers crossed the funding still applies to me.
I'd like to go travelling, I'd like to go to America, South America, Australia and I'd like to do a bungee.
I'd like to lose 9 pounds before graduation. That's seven stone twelve, which seems a little low, so I'd settle for like, eight stone three?
I'd like to stop eating toast for breakfast, crisps with every meal and I'd like to eat more fruit and drink more herbal tea.
I'd like to stop being such a bitch to everyone, but I have to think realistically.
And if worst comes to worst, and I don't achieve all these things, I'd like to see the best side of things and just be happy.

So glad this turned out to be a poem.